Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Available to Beauty

I've been looking through old writing that I never published. Here is a sweet simple short piece from 2004 that brought back wonderful memories.
After a brain taxing morning of setting up a new computer I took an hour to cycle around new countryside. I had asked the local bike shop owner for the prettiest road he could think of. 
The way to that road was not much fun. I cycled against a headwind along a two lane highway and then a long and narrow busy country road.  I struggled mentally as each car zoomed by me too close. Finally the turn off came and I rested at the base of a steep hill, grateful to be off the dangerous road, but nervous about what might lay ahead. I had been looking for a relaxing ride. A few minutes  later, I burst up the hill, anxious to see what there was. This is what greeted me at the top: a long ribbon of open quiet road extending before me, snaking over and around rolling farm land. The greens of the landscape made me "whooop!" The blue of the sky touched down along the mighty ridge of mountains to my left. West of me were the distant Adirondacks - looking like the mountains of the middle earth. My nose filled with Lilacs and newly turned soil. Soon I felt  a blessed tail wind and i streamed along in a dream like state. 
I pulled back into the office and hour later transformed. And think now that I would add on to Douglas Burden's reasons for why wild places create a feeling of elation. For me, the experience of wild places is made more powerful by the amount of effort it takes to get there. There is something very important to me about what I shed during the journey towards them that makes me more available to Nature's beauty. 

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  1. Haven't we all been there? Wishing we were the person whose face we show to the world, but knowing that we are not... waking up at 3AM and asking "why in the world did I do that?" "Who was that person?" ...and having to face once again the fragility of the human spirit...and the strength of loving oneself. Thanks for sharing that, Annie